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Desperate for Attention [06/06/06 @ 2:21pm]
[ mood | silly scared people ]

I figured since I've been looking forward to today since 2000, I thought I would update.

Yay for the day of the 3 6s!!! 06/06/06. This day makes my life!

I told my mom I wanted to get triple sixes tatooed on my skull. You haven't seen anything until you've seen a Mexican turn white, let me tell you.

Haha, I didn't really. My mom only did that when I told her I wanted to get a tatoo.

Okay...ummm...I had one exam today & I got my A.P. Gov't homework for next year. Yay!! Homework for 4 classes!!! Wooohooo.

Thea brought me Panic! At the Disco's CD & it made me very, very happy. I need a new CD player, tho, cause the one I have is uber noisey & it's getting on my nerves.

I totally have a 1 liter bottle of Mountain Dew next to me.

I can't wait for school to be done tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, sophomore year was DEFINETLY better than freshman year for me but it wasn't the greatest & I'm definetly ready to be anti-social again.

Kinda disappointed that nothing apocalyptic happened today or that the world didn't end. This means I actually have to study for my Spanish & Geometry exams. Darn it.

Well, Happy Apocalypse Day, loves.

For any concerned parent reading this: No, I am not affiliated with Satan or any harmful acts that occur today or in the future. So when you look back & read this, please know that I was not involved in anyway. It is merely conincidence. I like to poke fun at things people express a great dread or fear towards & this is just another example. Thank you for you patience & understanding.

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Do Do Do DoDoDoDoDo [05/04/06 @ 3:38pm]
[ mood | -growls- ]


A.P. test tomorrow!!!!!!


I'm scared!!


Okay. I'm done for the time being. My next panic attack shouldn't be for another 10 minutes when I realize all the material I STILL have to review so I can get a decent grade on this damn thing.

-scrunches her nose up-

At least I get bagels & fruit out of this.

-gets bored with studying-

I'm gonna go read about Frida. See some of you tomorrow. Good luck to everyone on their A.P. tests!!

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I've Been Alone All Along [04/22/06 @ 11:16pm]
[ mood | hmmm ]

I don't really have anything hugely important to say. I just thought I'd update cause I'm a loser like that & still blog.

It sucks about Ashton. I didn't know him but I came across his MySpace today & it was heartbreaking to read all the goodbyes people left.

I ran into Ric's mom today. I talked to her for a bit & I felt so bad because I made her cry. She's been on my mind this whole week because of what happened one year ago &...I don't know...

This spring has sucked because of all the deaths but it's down-right horrible when it's someone our own age, whether we knew them or not. It brings reality right up to us & opens us up for a huge slap in the face; we could be next to go. It's a scary thought but it doesn't change how any us live our lives. We should be learning something from these young people dying & not make such stupid choices or make mountains out of things that won't matter in a few months. We should learn from deaths like Ric's, & Hari's, & Ashton's & just grab life for what it's worth; no fears, no regrets, just living each high & low like it really IS our last...if not for ourselves, for those who can't. But how many of us actually DO?

It's funny how sensitive & stubborn mankind is, isn't it?

Okay, so I lied, I actually did have something important to say.

There's my soapbox lecture for the day.

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I Can't Live Without You [04/20/06 @ 11:25am]
[ mood | *bouncing* ]

I seriously need a life because today I took waaayyy Too Many Quizes...Collapse )

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Straight Up Now [04/16/06 @ 6:24pm]
Rest in Peace, Ric
12.15.89 - 04.16.05
One year ago today. I still miss you. ♥
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Random Things I Felt the Need to Share [03/09/06 @ 3:50pm]
[ mood | hehe ]

& You Need a LaughCollapse )
& 7 SurveyCollapse )

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Psst! My Lovelies!! [02/08/06 @ 7:02pm]
For my adoring Harry Potter fans, I strongly advise you to check out sorting_elite!!! It's a very prestigious Harry Potter community -- it's very extensive with NUMEROUS sub-communities with sorting, houses, and opportunites to active participants.

Fill out the application and see if you fit in with the Elite.
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The Story Starts [01/18/06 @ 4:05pm]
[ mood | I'm Silly ]

Children, don't be stupid like me and wear a short skirt in the middle of winter. The end result will be winds from hell and snow like you wouldn't believe. It gets cold, really, really, fast, even if you have a long coat and boots on.

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My Dirty Little Secret [11/02/05 @ 2:42am]
[ mood | curious ]

I want everyone who comes across this journal to do one of the following (or both if you feel so moved)

* Tell me your deepest, darkest, secret (annon. of course)


* Post anything random. Be as nice or as mean as you like.
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